Friday, 11 September 2009

A Very Busy Week!

Despite being at work all week, I am only there until 2pm each day, and, as the guys are still here on holiday, we are trying to fit in as many trips to the beach as possible before they go back to Luton.

Tuesday took us back into the water, and was the first time using my new body board

I literally popped home from work, let poor Fred into the garden for a potter whilst I put on my wet suit and grabbed my board, and then I headed down to Portie beach to meet Mel and the boys once more for a play in the sea.

All of this time I was feeling guilty that Paul was still slogging his guts out at work, but I did leave him a voicemail on his moby to come straight down after work and join us at 5pm.

We had just come out of the water when he finally arrived at 5.20 - he did not check his phone until he got home, but at least he had a few minutes to relax on the beach before we headed back to Fred

Thursday it was chill out time on the beach, as we just lay on towels and nattered, I had left a message for Paul that I would not be home until after 7 as I was going straight to Pilates before coming home. Paul was having a really crappy day and so I asked him to order a Chinese from the place around the corner from the beach, and I could collect it after class. This went a good way to cheer him up but he was not looking forward to tomorrow - Friday, as he had to fix the machine break down that had ruined his day today.

Friday morning arrived, and I had to go into work and ask if I could leave a bit earlier as the chap that was coming to service the boiler was coming earlier than expected previously - it's a good thing that I had some overtime from this week to claw back against!

The chap dutifully arrived just before 1pm, and set about the task. He was pleased with how well it was holding up, as the salty air normally fries everything inside them apparently. Whilst the chap was doing his thing, Paul went off the Perranporth to see if he could find a wet suit, having come top the conclusion, if you can't beat 'em join 'em!

As soon as the boiler man had finished and Paul returned from Perran , we headed on down to the beach again to join everyone, and once again vegged out on towels and generally enjoyed the beach, and the peace it created. Paul was happy to finish his week off like this, despite his morning at work not being as bad as he expected.

Everyone wanted to know about Paul's wetsuit - What wet suit he said dolefully - no-one had one big enough, or small enough or just right enough for him, as it was the end of the season and only small amounts of stock were left.... He was not a happy chappy.... We will keep looking though.

We did not get back from the beach until just after 7pm, and once we had eaten and tidied around a bit it was quite late. I went up for a shower only to find there was no hot water! Not possible I hear you say.... just serviced I can hear you all shout..... well after Paul had taken the cover off the boiler and played with it for a while, he realised that one of the clips had been left undone. Hey presto Hot Water... YAY!

So, tomorrow is another day and we are on the beach having cream teas before J and P go home, but before this, Paul and I are planning on heading over to Truro.

It's been an exhausting but fantastic week, with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Long may it continue!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a great time Joanne.

    Isn't strange that boilers go wrong not longer after being serviced. Last year, 2 weeks after ours was serviced it developed a leak, and yes, you've guessed it, when the guy came out he said the previous engineer hadn't tightened something up, I expect he just wanted to get the job finished and tootle off home. I just wish they would take a bit more care and time over what they are doing and take pride in their work so we the punters don't have to keep calling them back again.