Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Very English Afternoon Tea

Jame and Phill's last day arrived with beautiful blue skies and scorching heat.
After a trip to Truro this morning we met up with everyone on the beach to fulfill the boys last holiday wish. A full cream tea of scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and flasks of tea on the beach!
Once the wind breaks were up we settled down to fill out bellies, only peering out with the standard meerkat move to check out the occasional life guard or generally fit bod that was worth oggling!
Ricky had decided to go fishing in a friends canoe whilst we were eating and was determined to catch a load of fish.
When Mel finally saw him paddling back in we started to take bets on how many he'd managed to get...... I was reckoning on 2.....
Turns out he's a rather clever chap and came home with 10 mackerel!

After a debate on whether we were able to bring ourselves to gut them we agreed to take some each. Ricky kindly agreed to gut and head ours for us, right there on the beach, and I have to say, once we got it home and cooked it, we found it to be delicious.

Whens your next delivery due Ricky?


  1. I have never been fishing and I have always found it to look a little, well... fishy. Haha, but you make it look like so much fun!!



  2. Another great blog Joanne.

    I wouldn't have wanted to gut and behead the fish myself either! Yuck.

    Don't mind eating them though!

    He did a great job catching 10.

  3. we are still waiting on the speargun...hoping it would arrive today..great sun and the tide times are just right for fishing seabass!!!!