Sunday, 6 September 2009

The 'Not Quite' Birthday Surprise

Jamie and Phill decided last night that they would like to do a surprise day for Sally-Ann for her Birthday today. NO today is not her birthday, but they are not quite sure when they will be down next and may not see her on the day.

Up until this decision was made, we were all supposed to be attending a '5' drive, treasure hunt and AGM meeting for the club. Needless to say fast action was needed!

I emailed Fiona, the web mistress for the club, to advise her that neither Sally-Ann, Mike or us would be attending, but for obvious reasons I could not let them know via the forum, as Sally-Ann may see the message!

Then, the boys advised us to wait on North Country in the normal '5' drive collection spot, and as they drive past with Sally-Ann and Mike in the back of the car, we were to tag on behind them and follow, convoy style up the A30 towards Ann's Cottage at Fraddon.

The plan..... to give Sally-Ann free reign with their cheque books and choose her own present. Needless to say, she took great pleasure in going back and forth to the changing rooms until her mind was made up, and there had been many shouts of "JOOOOOOO what does this look like?" LOL

After this, we all trooped upstairs for coffee and cake..... YUM!

So what happens now? asked Sally-Ann....... whatever you want we all said, you chose what we all do for the afternoon.....

DOH! Not a hard choice - we'll all go to the beach again for a surf she said!.... and that's what we did.

Of course, now I'm addicted and want my own board, so Paul, being gorgeous and wonderful, drove me down to Hayle to buy one from 'Down The Line'. I wanted a blue one to go with my wetsuit, but pink was all that was left....... It does look great though!

Another fab fun filled day with friends. Roll on tomorrow for a try of my own board!

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