Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Trip of a Lifetime, A Very Long Walk and a Mine Tour

When Ade asked if he could come to visit, I said of course, is there anywhere in particular you would like to go whilst you are here?

Well, he said, since I was a boy, I always wanted to go the Lands End, and I've never managed to get there. Sorted! That was today's mission.

We went via St Michael's Mount for the obligatory photo opportunity

Then on to Sennen, where we parked up and walked the coast road all around to Lands End - Ade's requested tour spot.
En-Route Paul spotted one of the ships that had famously been stranded on the rocks
It's a very treacherous coast line

Upon arrival, there were lots of important photo requirements - firstly the first and last house

followed by our picnic lunch - the boys couldn't wait as you can see!

Then the miniature collection

and finally another picture to prove he was actually there!
This afternoon, we had a visit to the King Edward Mine open day
They had set all of the old mining building to smoke, just as they had during their heyday - if you look really closely you can see the smoke from the chimneys
A mooch around the old ruins followed
and then it was inside to inspect the equipment - to be honest, it was all beyond Ade and myself, but Paul was in his element, and was fascinated by the workings of the tools and equipment
A very busy and tiring day, but fun all the same.
Roll on tomorrow!

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  1. Once again a great post Joanne.

    I've been to Land's End a couple of times. The first time was way back in 1962 I think, we have this awful black and white family photo which was taken at the signpost. It had been raining and we look so bedraggled in our raincoats. In fact my sister and I were wearing the compulsory raincoats of the era Burberrys, which we also wore for school. Mam always bought things to last as money was tight so they are almost down to our ankles, then I think we are wearing white ankle socks and the other compulsory item of the time for the summer T-bar sandals with crepe soles. Roll on the good old days.

    I've also been to the other end of the country a couple of times too, John O'Groats in Scotland.

    I must do some posts with old black and white photos if I can get around to scanning them into my computer.

    Great to hear that Ade got to visit Land's End at last.