Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm a Reformed Girl

Mel asked me a few days ago if I would mind being her guinea pig on her Pilate's Reformer machine. She wants to understand how hard or easy it is to show someone the ropes so to speak and generally see it working on someone first hand, and what muscle groups are used when etc.... personally I think she just wanted to see me trussed up like a chicken!

Anyway, I emailed with her and today was the day that suited our work plans, any anyway, the weather was too rubbish to body board LOL.

She started me off with some simple moves that I am familiar with from the mat work that we do in class, but this time they have the resistance of the bands on the machine to work against. I did not think I would last 2 minutes, but hey anything for a friend!

Then the real work began - I looked more like I was going for a check up at the OB-GYN by the time my feet were stuck in the elastic hooks... I was asked to push my legs out and round like a little froggie jumping off the ground..... after the laughter stopped and I began in earnest, I found it quite a nice move - it works all your butt and thigh (inner and outer) your ankles and calves and just about every other muscle group in the human body no doubt.

One hour rolled into 2, as Mel kept saying I would have liked to try that, but it looks quite hard, and me saying lets just have a go, and if I hurt I'll scream...

I was amazed, I was able to do all that was asked of me, bar one thing I think, which was a seated on the bench, ropes in hands over head and moving the bench by pulling hands in front of me move.... tough, but I think next time I may manage it.

We finished with tea and cakes - OBVIOUSLY - after all that exercise, and a wander around the the local surf shop 5 minutes away to have a mooch. Unfortunately they were closed - the sign On the door said GONE SURFING! Oh well next time eh.

Anyway - all in all a really great afternoon, where I found out that I must now be a lot fitter than before I started my Pilates, as I would not have been able to do any of the moves today, this time last March !

Woo Hoo Fantastic - and it's all down to the wonderful Mel's' teachings. Visit her blog if you don't believe me: Pilates in Portreath

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