Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sand, Sea, Surf and me!

OK - So on my post from Sunday, I mentioned that I wanted to learn to surf next year and that Jamie and Phill had talked me into going down to the beach with them to have a go.

Well today was the day!

For those of you who have a nervous disposition, please look away now - there will be photo' s of me in a wet suit!

I managed to get my own suit on Monday afternoon, I got a bargain, and it's a full body suit too - at least I knew I would be warm.

OK - so photo's coming up! - that's me with my arms in the air!

But look at the size of the wave coming up behind me!
Another thing I should mention..... I have never ever gone in the sea further than my ankles before - EVER! So when I tell you that the fourth wave caught me by surprise and I went straight under, mouth and eyes open, it came as a bit of a shock..... Poor Jamie stood over me asking "OMG are you OK?" and all I could do was splutter and laugh that I was, and was grateful that my contact lenses were still intact!
Right - are you ready for the shock picture then,
If so continue as normal
If not scroll down fast!

I came out just long enough to say hi to Sally-Ann, who was my official photographer for the afternoon, and then I was off back in again.... Who knew wave jumping could be such fun.... the boogie board did not even come off the beach!

Finally, the lads said we should go back in, and we headed back to Sally-Ann, and Mel, who had also come along to watch the antics..... Time for another blog classic..... The perfect surfing memory, me and my lovely men

Thanks for forcing my hand guys - I really enjoyed myself, and can't wait for the next time


  1. Joanne I am awarding you the "Atta Girl" award from my blog. I created this award for all bloggers to give out as they see fit to any other blogger who they think deserves it.
    As a bit of (okay a huge) scaredy cat I think you deserve the Atta Girl for going out there and trying something new.
    You can pick up your award picture on my sidebar and I will be doing a post announcing your award with links to your site and adding you to the list.
    If you want to give this award to anyone feel free to use it. Just let me know so I can post about it too and add them to the list. It is meant for anyone who is conquering something, trying something, surviving something or setting someone straight.
    Please just link the picture back to my site so others can find it too.
    BTW I see your Audrey Hepburn photo there. I just posted about her today.

  2. You were obviously enjoying yourself because each time you came out of the water you couldn't wait to get back in! No excuses now it'll be the bodyboard next time x

  3. Looks like you had a fun time... I hope I can get a chance next year.. I think it will be too late this year to have a go by the time I get to Cornwall...

  4. excellant! you can see the joy in your eyes!

  5. WOW...You go Girl! How Brave are you!!! Fantastic...Well Done!
    And God I sooooo miss west country beaches!!!

  6. You go girl!! Good for you! Looks like so much fun!! :) Although I must admit it's scary when a big wave comes and knocks you under!! And god does the salty water sting your eyes!! But Reaallly worth!! So so jealous, with the lovely beach right on your doorstep!! :( XXXxx