Saturday, 8 May 2010

Meal Time Lock Up

It's been a lot of years since we visited Bodmin Jail, and ever since moving to Cornwall I have had a thing about wanting to go back.

I managed to talk everyone into going there for our evening meal tonight, and was so glad I did....

the surroundings were awesome in the rapidly approaching evening light, and the meal itself was wonderful

more importantly the two dogs were made very welcome by the staff there, and soon settled down under the table, and wishing it was their food about to be served and not ours.

I managed to get these fantastic images as were were leaving , and am so glad that the camera held the twilight feel that surrounded us.

If you are not far from Bodmin, and are stuck for a place to go for a good meal out in really unusual surrounding this is the place to go!
After our meal we headed back to the caravan site for a cup of coffee before heading off to bed.
The next morning we packed up our many boxes and barrels and headed back down the A30 towards our homes.
A very successful weekend indeed.


  1. Lovely photos of your weekend,Jo - it looks as if it was a very successful starter trip and Bodmin Jail looked brilliant!! lots of love Mom x

  2. I can not think of a more unusual place to have a meal.Have they kept the original fixtures and fittings?
    The photo was lovely,you did capture the evening twilight very well.

  3. There is a pub near our cabin that allows dogs. When my husband first saw this he said there was a dog on the pool table, a dog on the shuffleboard table and two on the floor. There were actually more dogs than people in there.
    This looks like a fun place to be. You took some good pictures too.

  4. Very unusual place to eat!

    Seems to me that you are enjoying this touring caravan lark a lot. I bet you are pleased you decided to go with a tourer in the end.

    Hope you have many more happy holidays in it.