Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pinsla Gardens

After a good nights sleep, we used the good old shower block, where I proceeded to have a wonderful hot shower, and then realised I had forgotten my towel and it was still in the caravan.....

Now what? I'd not got my mobile, to call Paul to bring my towel across, and had not got a clue what to do next!

Thank the lord for the fact I had my clean knickers with me - it's amazing how much of your body you can dry with a pair of knickers!

It was then a quick dash from the shower block, very naked under my jacket, to get back to the van, and dry off properly before getting dressed and cooking breakfast!

We had already decided that we would go to Pinsla Gardens today, as there was a 2 4 1 voucher in the local paper, not that it was expensive to get in anyway!

The gardens belonged to someones very unusual home, and they had opened it up to the public, offering a little cafe area, and a full on nursery where you could buy any plants or ornaments that you wanted for your gardens

Although we are not really at the right time of the year to see it at its best (apparently August according to the owner) it was a beautifully laid out garden with lots of hidden areas, and scattered with unusual sculptures and ponds

Fred obliged by posing in a bamboo corridor with his Dad

Although these gardens are quite small, they were lovely, and we have decided that we will most certainly visit again in August to see what changes the plants have undergone in the meantime.


  1. I expected a hobbit to pop out of the cottage. How cute is that place. Love it. Please go back in August and take lots of pictures for us...and for heavens sake girl remember a towel.

  2. The shower episode conjured up all sorts of pictures in my mind,very funny,even if it was embarrassing.!!
    I love that house and the garden,enchanting.

  3. very pretty garden...the shower episode is so you, so funny..couldnt happen to anyone else..x

  4. Hi Jo

    Sorry I haven't been on here lately to check out your posts.

    I have just had a good laugh over the towel incident - so very 'Carry On Camping'. It's amazing that you managed to dry yourself with your knickers! I suppose if that's all you have to hand you have to give it a try!

    I look forward to seeing photos of the garden in August, sure it will be marvellous.