Friday, 7 May 2010

The Shake Down Trip

This is the first time we have used the tourer, and so we decided to keep it local, and chose the Bodmin Caravan and camping club site for this auspicious occasion LOL
We were guided onto our pitch by the site owners, and settled up for the night. I had decided to cook for us all so as to use all of the kitchen equipment and ensure it all worked OK

As you can see below, the Lasagne, salad and garlic flat bread went down a treat

after a few glasses of something nice, we turned in for the evening, and, even though I had been dreading having to make up the bed in the area you can now see as the table and seating area, it all went quite smoothly and we got a good nights sleep.

No doubt Paul will go into far more detail on his Caravan blog, but so far so good!

Tomorrow, we have plans to visit some local gardens, and a trip to Bodmin Jail for our evening meal...... hope they let us out again!


  1. Its lovely to get a little break now and again.

  2. Good to read your post Joanne.

    Our caravanning friends sold their caravan just over a month ago. I had no idea they wanted to sell it otherwise I would have mentioned it before you bought yours. When they start caravanning they had one where you had to make the bed up but the last one they bought had a separate double bedroom so the bed could stay up all the time. It was a lovely caravan - sorry couldn't say what make or model. They sold it without even having to advertise it!!!

    Look forward to reading Paul's blog.

    Hope you get out of jail free - lol!

  3. Hi - what car do you have? we have a punto grande 1.9 diesel multi jet and we're looking for something suitable that our car can tow. What car is that and what weight is the caravan? cheers frugal queeh

  4. I owuld love a caravan, I have a great big drive and a car with a tow bar already fitted - I've seen a few cheap ones, I would really like one to have some breaks and take my doggies with me

  5. Hi Frugal Queen - we have a Renault Scenic 1.5dci diesel. It will only tow a very tiny weight - this one is 935 unladen and comes in at 72% of the gross train weight. (It cost us less than £2k with all of the kit and awning!)It is an old one - 1993, but very well looked after in its life time.
    It was great fun, and Fred totally vegged out and enjoyed the sniffs of the new places we visited - a very chilled out little doggie LOL

  6. Hi Jo - what sort of caravan? it does seem that the light weight caravans tend to be dearer - that's a lovely looking van for the money

  7. Its an Avondale Sandmartin

  8. My sister had a tourer,very similar to yours,she and her husband drove over here for a holiday.I was amazed at how much room there was and how ingenious all the fittings were.It was very comfortable and they preferred to sleep in the van rather than the castle.!!
    Glad you all had a nice break.

  9. OOoh i want a caravan now not just a tent lol

  10. Thank you for stopping by, it is such a shame you are so far away...