Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Names PIG! What's Yours?

It was just too glorious to come home this morning so we decided to stay until early evening, to give up a chance to enjoy a very possible, and highly probably last weekend at our BAH.,

Once we were ready to leave, we hooked up the trailer and headed up through the site, parking up on the sea front, so that we could give Fred a last stretch of the legs before the car journey home

Home Farm was just a couple of minutes walk from us, so we headed off over there to say goodbye the the chicks, ducks, hens, sheep, and pigs....

I love pigs, which is terrible considering the business I work in, but I can't help seeing the intelligence behind their trusting little eyes LOL

having introduced himself, I think Fred felt the same way too!

Our journey home was uneventful, but now I have eleventy hundred boxes of "essential items" (I have to say that as we took the trouble of bringing it home!) in my living room to go through.


  1. Hope you got through the eleventy hundred boxes of essentials and kept everything!

    Great post, lovely pics.

    I have to ask what you work in Jo after your comment in the post regarding liking pigs - I am taking guesses at the answer until you reply and I'm not sure I want to know!

  2. Hi Jo

    Hope you had a good holiday, thanks for the comments over at my blog.

    I have more scheduled for this week, beginning to catch up after all the distractions. Mn finishes college on the 18th of this month until September so I will have a little more free time as I won't be ferrying him to college and back four days a week. I am mindful of the fact that I have to get started on sample favour boxes so that I can see if the Wolves football shirt ones are going to work then I can calculate how much card I need before my summer holiday as I will hopefully get the gold and black card from The Paper Mill Shop in Newcastle.

    I was watching C&C today and they had some brilliant templates on there for favour boxes etc but I don't want to cut them by hand if I can get the Wishblade to do it for me. Guess it will be trial and error to get it right.