Sunday, 2 May 2010

Veggie Patch - The Story So Far!

Woo Hoo.... I think it's starting to work!
There are some sprouty little green bits starting to appear in my pots for the peas, carrots and onions! There are no sign of the green beans yet, but I think I am doing Barbara Goode proud so far LOL!

As far as the cauliflour, cabbage and sprouts are concerned, they have gone mad and triffid like.... time to re-pot them I think.

Having bought 15 small plastic terracotta pots to transfer all of my babies, I found that 9 of those posts were filled by the sprouts alone.

I moved what cabbage I could, and left the rest in the grow bag with the lettuce, that will stay there but will be spread out along the bag once I have more pots and the other veg are moved on.

I am hoping that this success so far, will continue, and then hopefully I shall have some bartering power with my friends.

Sharon is also growing veg, but totally different stuff to me, and I'm hoping that I may have enough to swap with Mel for some of her free range eggs. What do you think ladies? Roll on harvest time.


  1. Well done Jo.

    My tomatoes and cucumbers are still sitting on my kitchen window sill for now. When the weather brightens I'll get outside and put them into pots in my little plastic greenhouse.

    I bought a couple of tomato plants from Tesco this week as they are further on than the ones I planted. Also got a strawberry plant which is a decent size and has a lot of flowers on as my old one seems to have given up the ghost. Although the cuttings I took off the original last year are doing really well and have flowers on too.

    I'm hoping for a lovely hot summer to get the tomatoes to ripen quicker this year.

  2. Thank you for your comment...I see you have been busy...

  3. Thank you for your comment...No my lipstick lasts all day!

  4. was just wondering today who, apart from Avril in the village who grows heaps of veg, do I know what i can trade eggs with...whoo hoo!! eggs and veg a plenty! well done you, let us know when you are ready to get rid of some, we are going to have heaps of potatoes, garlic and onions soon, poss some apples too if the blossom stays around long enough and the wind doesn't blow it away...x