Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bank Holiday Barbie

It's been ages since we had a BBQ, the last time was when Kel visited, so as the weather was so beautiful, and this was the last day of my holiday, but Bank Holiday weekend for the rest of Britain, we thought what the heck!

Jamie and Phill arrived on Friday night for the week, so we got everyone up here, including the dogs, and set about the serious business of eating.

before this however I made everyone work for their lunch - they had to erect the gazebo for me whilst I worked wonders on 2 foot of old work surface, with a salad and a bag of rice done in the microwave!
of course we all ate loads and then followed that with huge amounts of pudding - and I mean huge! chocolate eclairs, tiramisu and cookies and cream haagen daas ice cream, YUM!

Great to see you guys !

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