Saturday, 9 May 2009

Especially for Marg!

I hope that this little lot manages to keep you going for a few minutes Marg.... I feel well and truly told off - apologies for not updating sooner xx
Anyway not much gossip but....... I watched the latest episode of Greys Anatomy this morning (shown in the States on Thursday evening) - Episode 22 of Season 5!
There are only another 2 episodes to go and I don't know what i shall do when it ends.....
A marriage, a fatal illness, a death (possibly), Denny Duquet back again - Oh no.... not good not good (even though he is gorgeous), and love lorn glances from two total opposites!
Roll on next week for Episode 23 ! ! Where are you at in the saga - can I talk about it yet??
I expect and hope to receive some comments on here from you - and don't say you don't know how! I even created the account for you...... Love you loads Mom, J x

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