Saturday, 23 May 2009

Enough is enough...

At about 10pm last night, after all the plumbing was completed and we had tidied up all the rubbish, I pushed the dishwasher back into position ready for Paul to start the next unit today.
HORROR of horrors - major major problem. The plumbing for the cold and hot water pipes, fell to high for the back of the dishwasher and it could therefore not sit flush with the wall, therefore allowing for the door space in front to fit flush under the work surface when it comes!
Paul said a few choice words, Fred wondered what the heck was going on, all he wanted was his evening walk, which was an hour late, and I looked on in panic, wondering how to calm poor Paul down from his apoplectic rage!
and so, as I have already said, enough is enough . I banned Paul from doing any work at all on the kitchen today, and we would have some us time. (after all this is the last couple of days of our holiday).
We had a lazy morning watching a DVD that I had bought in the week (In her Shoes), which even Paul enjoyed, and then had a drive into Truro for a mooch around the shops.
I spent a fortune in M&S on new lingerie, and then we went to our favourite little bistro, The Lounge, at the back of Truro Catherdal, for lunch.
It was a lovely relaxing day, however, Paul could not shut him mind off from the task yet to come in the kitchen - a complete plumbing overhaul, dropping the pipes about 14 inches to sit below the pipe line on the dishwasher.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and we can start all over again!

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