Monday, 18 May 2009


Our holiday started on Friday..... Somehow we have not managed to organise ourselves well enough to actually go away to our van in Somerset (Blue Anchor or BAH).

The kitchen, which we ordered 2 days before Paul was put onto short time, was delivered, and we are now in a situation where we can start to fit it.

And so, instead of heading off up the motorway on Friday afternoon, we started to pull out the old kitchen units.
For those of you that read regularly, you will already be aware that the wall cupboards and tiles came off last week (along with a trip to the hospital for Paul). Paul's stitches are now out, the electrician is booked for next Thursday the 21st and the integrated freezer and integrated fridge are due to delivered by Argos on the 21st also...... It's all systems go, so we may as well stay here and see it through.

Paul is laying the last bit of flooring today, he got a good start on it late yesterday, and then we shall sand and paint the walls before placing the units in a test before the fixing can begin.

Onwards and upwards....

I don't think Colin and Justin are very impressed by my decorating of the lounge at the moment!

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