Thursday, 21 May 2009

Kitchen Warzone 3

Not so much a warzone now I'm glad to say.

The white goods arrived at lunchtime, just after the electrician had finished putting in our extra sockets.

Paul finished fixing the back wall of units to the wall, and then we had a break whilst Sally-Ann and Mike came over for a cuppa and a check up on how it's going.

I think Paul is a lot calmer now that Mike has talked his words of wisdom, and suddenly it starts to come together.

We unpacked the fridge and freezer from their boxes and placed everything where it will ultimately end up, just top get an idea of how it will all go.

The relief is tangible as we can see that my original master plan that worked so well in my head all those months ago (and years if I'm honest, since we moved in) will actually work how I imagined.

Phew - not much more now, and as we have a fixed wall in place I can used an old bit of work surface to produce our delightful microwave meals on, although, as you can see I have now progressed to being able to use my oven again - Woo Hoo!

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