Friday, 17 July 2009


I'm on my hols and picking up my emails whenever I can get near a McDonalds and their Wi-Fi connection and find that, I have received an award. Not once but twice...

Thanks so much guys.

And now in order to accept, I have to tell you all 10 things about myself..... Here goes!

1. I was 40 in October 2008 and am finding it very hard to believe that I am actually older than 22!

2. I am 5'9" with blue eyes

3. I have a fascination with forensics and criminology.

4. I have been married for 17 years, but have not been lucky enough to become a Mom.

5. I drive a racey little blue MX-5 sports car and am a member of the Cornish Fives Owners Club (but unfortunately have not been able to do much with them this year)

6. I am a loyal friend and will always be there when and if I am needed - after all friends are the family that you choose.

7. I don't have much family of my own left, and therefore love them unconditionally. I am also lucky enough to have the support of Paul's family, and the same goes for them.

8. I rarely drink alcohol, but on the occasions that I do never have more that 2 glasses - the hangover is just not worth it!

9. Despite the fact that I rarely drink - you will normally find me to be the first on the dance floor - often alone! and the last to leave it!

10. I love my husband as much now as I did when we married - AAAAAHHH!

So there we go - 10 useless bits of info on me.

I know that I have to pass this award on, and will get back to you upon my return, with my winners


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