Saturday, 4 July 2009

What is it with men?

So.... I've had a lovely day out with my Hubby. We went for a mooch around the shops in Truro. Had lunch in the Lounge (our favourite little spot behind the cathedral), and spent loads in our favourite surfy dude type clothes store sale.

However, before we left the house, I followed my new 1940's type grooming regime. I curled my hair. Did my eyes with eye liner, with the cute little outward 1940's flick at the ends and painted my lips a lovely vibrant red.

I was wearing my new bargain, high waisted trousers with a deep waistband holding 3 buttons (Deanna Durbin style) and a brightly coloured sleeveless top with a front ruffle.

I felt a million dollars.

We pulled up and parked at the park and ride - the only way to travel to Truro during the holiday season - and waited to get on the next bus into town - suddenly all of the men that worked there were very attentive and apologetic at having to make me wait - now at this point there were about 20 people waiting, but it was me that they all spoke to !!!

What do you reckon? -was it the lippy, and make-up that I had carefully put on before leaving the house or are all men just daft, for a lady that has bothered to doll herself up in this day and age?

I have to say - it did make a nice change to get some attention, even if it did only last as long as the ride into town - LOL

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