Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day Trippin' Yeah....

Today we actually had a plan.

Having poured over the map for a while, we decided on a little day trip, combining a place that Paul really wanted to see and a place that I really wanted to see, with an added bonus at the end.

The reason for this – we were able to do a loop from the caravan in a large clockwise rotation, incorporating all 3 sites and ending back up at the van, where we started.

We headed off to Bridgwater (normally a 40 minute drive from us) and promptly got stuck in a line of traffic, with the rain coming down threatening to spoil the day.

We finally got to Bridgwater after an hour, and had to do a stop at Halfords for a new wiper blade, and a loo stop at the Asda!

Success on the loo stop, disaster on the wiper blade front – they didn’t stock them. We tried 3 other companies and gave up – we were now an hour and a half into the journey a still a little way away from our first target.

As we arrived into Cheddar Gorge our luck changed. We managed to get a parking place in the heart of the village, and a chap gave us his parking ticket that was valid for the whole day – Bonus!

The weather had dried up and it started to get really warm.

We plodded around the beautiful village snapping away with the camera and soaking up the atmosphere. There were loads of lovely restaurants that we would have loved to use, but I am on a diet this week (needs must), and so we had bought along a picnic.

We headed back to the car and ate our lunch, and Fred enjoyed a bowl of lovely cold water, and then headed of to target number two.

Wells is a beautiful medieval cathedral city, and what we didn’t realise until we wandered up the main street was that we recognised it from one of our favourite films, Hot Fuzz! It was amazing just how well everything came across on camera, it all looked exactly as it does in the film.

We wandered around the Bishops Palace, sitting on the edge of the moat watching the ducks and swans. Fred found it very interesting.

As usual everyone fell in love with Fred and he made plenty of new friends, as you can see.

Once we had wandered around for a couple of hours, we headed off to the final destination, this one was only because it was on the way back and we had never stopped off there before.

Glastonbury – well what can I say about this place – we paid for an hours parking, spent 10 minutes there, and left. I apologise to everyone who thinks this is a magical place with wonderful vibes and happy feelings, but all we encountered were, well I don’t wish to be rude…. All I shall say is we wasted 10 minutes of our lives that we want back please!

We arrived home (at the van), and collapsed once more. Another very full, very warm day, that we thoroughly enjoyed (we choose to think that Glastonbury just did not happen!)

I wonder what tomorrow will have in store….

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