Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BBQ Night

Every other month the Cornish Fives (MX-5 Owners Club) meet at the Hawkins Arms in Zelah, for a catch up and an exchange of knowledge and info about our cars, and occasionally have a quiz night.

This month Peter and Rhona offered to have a BBQ at their home, near Truro. All we had to do was bring our own meat!

As I knew pretty much where we were going, we arranged to meet Sally-Ann and Mike in the normal place.

While we waited for them to arrive (we got there far to early) we watched a couple on horse back enjoy the lovely sunny evening.

The others arrived and we headed off up the by-pass with them in close succession.

Upon arrival, we got our burgers on the Barbi, and settled down with our drinkie poos (I wasn't driving!) and watched the men at work....

Poor Peter - I don't think he wanted his piccie taken LOL!

The evening drew on, and we filled our bellies, and had plenty of laughs

and yes.... That is me on the picture below with Gin bottle in hand.... It was only my second one of the night HONEST!

We had a wonderful evening, it made a great change to the pub night (which Paul goes to alone as I normally don't bother to attend!)

It made us realise how little we have been able to do with the club this year, especially if you look back over the past couple of years of blogging that I have done. What with Paul having short hours at work, and all of the DIY projects still being tackled, it will be a little while yet before we can do our next Sunday club drive, but I know that we shall look forward to it, whenever it may end up being.

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