Thursday, 9 July 2009

Especially for Jordiegirl.....

On My previous post Jordiegirl posted a lovely comment, for which I thank her, and asked me how to get your signature at the bottom of your post.

So here it is chick, your very own "How To..."

Take a little trip onto:

It's a really easy website to use and will generate your signature for free, all you have to do is follow the instructions. It will show you different typefaces and colours to choose from and once you are happy, it will ask if you want to generate that signature.

Once you have generated the signature you need to 'copy' the HTML code that is created. (I took a screen dump and saved it to my PC to refer to it later if I needed to).

You then need to open your blog up in another tab, if you want your signature to come up every time you blog you can set it permanently. Click on the Settings Tab. Then Formatting. Then paste the HTML code into post template (right at the bottom of the screen) Select update.

The next time you open "your create a post", your signature should come up at the top of the page. You just need to place your cursor in front of it and drop it down a couple of lines so that you can begin typing above it.

and VOILA! your very own personalised blog post.

Hope you can follow this and manage to set it up OK, as I have done this in a bit of a rush - On Holiday tomorrow avo for a couple of weeks, so I will have to play catch up on my postings when I return.

Meanwhile, don't work too hard everyone.... ! I'm on my jollies now LOL...


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