Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My Poor Wounded Soldier!

On this evenings bedtime walk, Fred decided to get up close and personal with the neighbours Ginger Tabby Cat - Now this cat is a great big bruiser of a thing, but that did not stop Fred - Cats are fair game in his book!

and so, as Paul pulled back on Fred's lead to stop him, the cat was obviously quicker - and with a snarl and a swipe Fred was sent home with his tail between his legs.

Upon returning from every walk, Fred always comes over to me, and if I'm seated, launches himself bodily onto my chest to tell me about his fun time out with Daddy.
It was at this point I queried where all of the blood was coming from - and I mean Loads of blood.
It seems Ginger Tom did actually make contact with Fred's ear before sending him on his way, and so the next half hour was made up of Paul holding Fred and whispering to him whilst I dabbed warm water with TCP liquid all over his ear to try and stem the bleeding.
Of course, Fred was oblivious to why he was getting all the fuss, and just curled up on his big pillow and enjoyed the attention, while I was worrying about infections etc.
Anyway, morning came around and he wolfed down an entire tin of food - so no long term effects were felt by him, just Mummy worrying about nothing as usual!
I'm sure it won't stop him from trying to get close for another chat with Ginger Tom, but then that's dogs for you!

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