Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wi-Fi Accessible

Yeah right!

I went around Minehead and found an internet café that give free WiFi broadband, only to find that I was about 3 hours too early. It’s only on at certain times.

After having our lunch there and very nice it was too, we headed back, and stopped off at the reception area, on the off chance that the site is coming into the 21st century.

YES! Finally! Today was the first day though it will cost £5.88 for 90 minutes of non consecutive use over a 24 hour period.

OK I said – that’s cheaper than 2 coffees at the place in Minehead!

I got online and downloaded a map that we need for tomorrow and then started to copy and paste the word documents that I had written up onto blogger.

I got the first one on and pressed the button to download onto my blog.

The internet crashed and I have not been able to access it since.

I am somewhat cross, as I still have an hours worth of use to get from my payment, and we shall not be in Somerset tomorrow, instead we shall be headed up to Birmingham to see some of Paul’s family.

GGRRRR….. WiFi shmyfi!

UPDATE---- The people at McDonalds are wonderful – thanks to them I have free WiFi connection and have been able to update you YAY!

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