Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My Hubby the Hero

At pilates class last night, I found out that Mel, my instructor and lovely new friend, has got car trouble.
On her arrival back to Newquay Airport, after a week in London, her car had broken down and was stuck up there on the car park.

I, of course, offered Paul's services, as I thought it sounded like something that had happened to my car a few years ago.
This evening, all three of us headed off up to the Airport to have a go at jump starting her car, and hopefully getting it back to Portreath to be checked out and repaired, if necessary, by a garage.

As Paul had checked the amp age on the battery, (another man gadget is used), Mel looked on in horror in case it couldn't be fixed.

Then the jump leads came out and got hooked up to each car.

Paul then asked me to hold the revs on his car at 2000rpm, to ensure a good transfer of power to Mel's poor, very flat, car battery.

Success, within a couple of minutes, her little car was up and running, and we were headed off to the pay point to get our tickets authorised for exit from the car park.

On the way back, Mel found a new colourful friend (who she maintains has never been there on her past visits), and she got a little friendly with it!

... and if it wasn't her doing this it would have been me!

The drive back to Portreath and Redruth was uneventful, and as her little car seemed OK, we went on to the chippy for some supper, before heading home.

Well done Paul, I know you can never let a damsel in distress go un-aided, and you came through once more!

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