Friday, 18 June 2010

Baby Sisters Prom Night & Our Anniversary

Jannah -Beth is due to finish her exams next week, and the school have organised an American style prom / dinner dance for their leavers.
We had been asked if we would like to come and see her go off in her dress to meet her friends for their night out.
She arrived back from the salon, all shiny and sparkly and so, so proud of herself and how beautiful she looked. She had had her hair and make-up and a manicure and pedicure, so that when her dress went on she would look the whole package.

When she walked out in her dress we could not have been prouder of her. She looked absolutely beautiful.

It made Paul feel really old to have a 16 year old sister that we have seen grow up from a tiny baby, to this gorgeous young lady.

The time soon arrived for her to leave, and she piled into her Dad's car to be taken over to Newquay's Little Fistral beach for the official photographs and to then collect the 'chitty-chitty-bang-bang' car that was to ultimately deliver her to her destination.

I think everyone would agree that these young ladies look a treat in their gowns.
Once we had seen JB off, we then headed on back down country, as we were going for a meal. It's our 18th Wedding Anniversary today, so of course, we have to do something to mark the occasion.
The carvery we had was lovely, but I definitely had eyes bigger than my belly, and Paul had to help me finish it all!
A great finish to the day.


  1. Lovely post Jo. They do that at the schools around here too for their leavers. Mn's Middle School even did one for them when they left at 13 - don't think I have posted about him in his prom suit. My did the girls look so grown up in their gowns. They went on a disco river cruise for the evening.

    Must say the girls in your post look beautiful

    Also Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary Jo, pleased you enjoyed your meal.

    If you check out my 'Times Past' blog I have photos on that, and intend to publish more when I get a chance so you can seem e from times gone by as well as seeing up to date on my 'Blogging My Life'.##

  2. Oh, meant to say what a beautiful name Jannah-Beth - very unusual.

  3. The school my sons graduated from hire a videographer who records the whole event from when they walk to receive their diplomas to the dinner/dance afterward. It is a great keepsake.
    I thought the girls looked like flavors of ice cream or sherbet, maybe candy.

  4. Beautiful photo...Thank you for your comment...