Saturday, 5 June 2010

A very Busy Day Indeed!

We were supposed to be heading home to Cornwall today, however, I have been arranging with an old friend who now lives between Salcombe and Kingsbridge, to meet up.

Unfortunately, as she runs a high end holiday let, and was expecting new guests this morning, she was not going to be free until this afternoon.

No problem! - whilst we were at the Tavistock site, we had asked the site manager to extend our stay at Slapton by one night. Sorted! we now go home on Sunday morning instead.... and to be honest, we are enjoying the break so much, the extra night is a wonderful bonus.
Anyway, moving on to the days antics..... during one of the evenings in the week, we had had a small shower of rain during the night, this in itself was not a problem, as it happened at night and left our days dry and warm. The problem arose when we discovered a small leak from the sky light, and had to make a whole new use for the saucepans!
We had heard this morning that the weather forecast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was full on rain, and so his morning was a good time for Paul to perform the repairs using a fibre glass kit he had bought in Dartmouth on our last trip there.
in order to be able to get to the damaged skylight the awning had to come down...

and then, using Mikes marvellous collapsing ladders, Paul got up to check out the damage

it seem that there were some cracks in the divots where the internal handles were fixed, so he cut some of the fibre glass to size

and placed them in position

once the gloopy stuff (that's technical you know!) was added, we began to feel a little more convinced that there would be no more leaks

Once the sky light was fixed, we then packed out picnics and headed over to Salcombe for a wander and to work out how far Judy was from where we were

stopping in a small secluded back street, we found a bench overlooking the lovely scene you can see above, and then ate out sandwiches and cakes, whilst watching the world go by

what a wonderful little village

having bought some posh cookies for Mel, who was looking after our veggies whilst we were away, we then headed off back towards Kingsbridge to find Judy's barn conversion

It was so lovely to see her again after so long, and she was wonderful, welcoming us with freshly home made scones, Devonshire clotted cream and freshly brewed tea - YUM!

The dogs enjoyed themselves in the huge garden, along with Judy's dogs, whilst we whiled away a pleasant hour or so chatting and catching up on gossip.

The barn conversion is totally incredible and has achieved a 5 rosette rating. Anyone wishing to stay in a totally idyllic location, would do well to contact Judy for info on it. Easton Court Barns is completely beautiful and having had the guided tour from Judy, along with Sally-Ann, we were enthralled at what they had achieved.

We finally left Judy in peace and headed back to the caravan park. It's a fish and chip supper tonight for tea so we are looking forward to it already LOL.


  1. All though I have not left a comment on your recent posts,I have been following your holiday.
    You seem to have had a wonderful time and been to some very interesting places.I think you will need a holiday at home to recover from your travels.!!
    PS,Have enjoyed your lovely photographs.

  2. Another enjoyable post Jo.

    Just wondered why you had to take down the awning when Paul put the ladders up at the other side of the varacan? Or am I confused?

    Your friend's place looks fab, I popped by her website to take a look.

  3. Thank you ladies.

    And sorry to confuse you Jordiegirl, he climbed the ladders on both sides of the van for access and to be able to check the damage, I only took a photo of him on this side - sorry x

  4. You should always have some gloop on hand for these sorts of emergencies.
    Heading over to see the barn site.

  5. So which way did you have your scone? Jam then cream or cream then jam? As the Devon way is different to that of the cornish way!

  6. Now c on Phill - I though you knew me! - I don't do fruit do I, so jam does not make an appearence on my scone - I do Cream then SUGAR! Yes everyone you heard - Trust me it is a taste sensation!