Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Sad Day....

You may recall that we put the static on the market a little while ago.
On Tuesday, whilst I was at work, I received a call on my mobile with an offer on it.
Finances being a little tight, to say the least, at the moment, I could not afford to say no to it, as there are going to be some pretty big bills coming through from the site very soon if we keep it much longer, and to be perfectly honest, I am not sure I could find the cash to pay them if we did get them!
And so, to cut a long story short, my beautiful van, has been sold, and we needed to get up to Blue Anchor in Somerset in order to remove the very last of the items that we had in there. These items had been purposefully left to make it still feel homely for any viewings that we might get, but even so, we were unsure if we would fit them all in the car and trailer
We awoke very early and were in the car and away from Cornwall as break neck speed - well 60 mph anyway, as we were towing the trailer LOL
We arrive there at 09.15am and began to grab everything and place it in the lounge area ready for packing in the car. At this point I had already been in tears twice!
The large stuff went in the car first - the memory foam mattress topper, the TV, Video (YES VIDEO) and digibox - the duvet and pillows from the 2 bedrooms (I'd left these in situe to make it look used)
The garden chair loungers went into the trailer with their cushions, the curly hose pipe, the buckets and cleaning kits etc.
I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but if you look at the suitcase on the top of the trailer - that is actually a nest of 3 suitcases, all sat inside each other, and in the smallest is the mini HiFi .... I must have been Houdini in a past life to have fitted all this in LOL!
Paul took these pictures just before we went to hand over the keys to reception. When I say we took the keys to reception, I mean Paul of course... at this point I was a crying dribbling wreck. We have 'lived' on here for in excess of ten years - that's longer than we have ever lived in a house that we have owned!
Not only that, but it has had a huge meaning to me. We bought this van with money that my Dad left me after he passed..... I found out I was first pregnant here..... This was going to be my IVF money before I decided against it.....The dog cocked his leg up a silver birch tree for the first time ever here when he was a pup..... I have recuperated here after operations, and spent time with family and friends here for special occasions.
Selling the static has a lot of implications for me, but these implications and stumbling blocks are all in my head, and I do realise that having a tourer, that costs nothing to run, and gives us very, very cheap holidays is most certainly the way to go. The money we get for my BAH (Blue Anchor Hideaway) will truly help us to be able to move on with the next part of our lives, and be more financially secure.
Having said our goodbyes to our friends and the staff there, we jumped back into our car and headed back on down the M5 and A30 towards home. We arrived home early evening, completely shattered after the 6 hours of driving and the packing and the whole emotional effects of the day.

Goodbye my friend, you will be missed, but I'm sure there are many new adventures ahead of us with our little varacan.


  1. Oh Jo, what a lovely heartfelt post - I had to wipe away a tear when reading it.

    Your static holds so many memories for you but as you say you can now move on and have so many fabulous holidays any where you want to go with your new tourer - I have loved following your posts of your recent holiday. It's been a virtual holiday for me. Also, just think about the new owners who are going to have such fantastic holidays just like you did.

    Your day must have been so draining for you both.

    Lots of Love Jordiegirl

  2. What you sold was an object, even if it was an important one to you. What you keep forever are memories. You will have those always and they will cost you nothing.
    Do you have lots of photos of times there? It may be therapeutic to make a nice photo album of all the good times there.

  3. Thank you ladies You are very right Lori - I have plenty of memories and loads of photos (side effect of being a blogger!) so I think I'll do as you suggets and make a memory book x