Friday, 4 June 2010

#Bobbing Along, On The Beautiful Briney Sea...#

The day dawned to brilliant sunshine once more, and we all headed off into Dartmouth, as we had called ahead to book places on a two hour boat trip, coincidentally that sailed back around to the bay at Slapton Sands where we were stopping.
We arrived a few hours early to allow for a wander around, and a cup of coffee, and then ate a picnic in the Royal Avenue Gardens. All the time, Paul and I were looking for sunhats, so whilst Sally-Ann and Mike looked after the dogs, we did a quick run back to town to purchase them.

We made it back with about 15 minutes to spare before the boat left, and a very distraught Sally-Ann worrying we would miss it.... "not on your nelly" I said, there is a cream tea on board at stake, I wouldn't jeopardise that for all the tea in china!

Having boarded and chosen some seats at the back of the boat undercover, away from the idiots up front in the sunshine, we sat back and relaxed, enjoying the swell of the water beneath us

and checking out the sights landwards

Fred was soooo relaxed, considering it was his first trip on a boat, and was almost asleep on my lap at this point.
Whilst we travelled the captain told us, over the tannoy, of what had happened during Operation Tiger in the second World War, when so many lives were lost. He then played a CD of the detailed actioned of the disaster that befell the practice landings.
A very sad and moving story of actual happenings that occurred in and around Slapton Sands and Torcross.
All in all today was lovely.
On arrival back at Slapton campsite, we then did a quick change and walked on into the village for a lovely meal at the local pub. A fantastic end to the day.

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  1. Enjoying your holiday posts Jo, along with Sally-Ann's - just like being along for the ride.