Saturday, 26 June 2010

Groovy Godson!

I've been so excited ever since Kelly called to say they were coming to see us..... finally they are here, and I was determined that the weather would be good to us and that we could spend some time on the beach.

This was to be a flying visit, so it was 10.45 am on Saturday morning when they all arrived. Following an egg and bacon muffin, and a well deserved cuppa, we headed on down to the beach at Portreath.
It's a hot, hot day. 8am had seen the car dash board state 22 degrees, and so we knew it would be getting warmer as the day progressed. With this in mind, we packed the beach tent and wind breaks into the boot of the car to give us some shade on the beach, and set ourselves up between the safe yellow and red flags that the life guards had put up.
It was then time for Dylan to don his fetching little sun suit and shades - he looked like a proper little surf dude!

He could not wait to get into the water, and went trotting off down the beach with us all racing after him to catch up.... so much for being afraid of the water! Not my godson, Oh no! He is an extreme fun wanting babe, and kept going deeper and deeper, loving the waves slapping him in the face and stomach!

Ah Ha! thinks me.... I'll get him on that body boarding yet..... and he loved that too! despite the first wave knocking him off, he climbed back on and tried again, Bless him!

we eventually came out of the water and went back up to our little beach village for some juice and fruit, and then it was time to go back in the water again, as Dylan went charging off in that direction once more, ensuring that we understood his latest request.

We had a lovely time on the beach, but eventually had to head back home.

We had decided on a BBQ for tonight, so it would give, me a chance to get the salads, quiche and potatoes ready....

Yum! Hungry already!


  1. Dylan is so cute Jo. Looks like you all had a great time.

    Love his outfit and shades!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.x.