Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Taking Stock - That's Tavistock!

Our two night stop at Veryan was soon over, and we headed off, following the trusty RV, on the road to Tavistock for the next two nights of our holiday.
Unfortunately, upon arrival, the varacan skitted off the much needed levelling blocks and as it moved, snapped the emergency break cable. And so, with details of the nearest caravan accessory stockist, and our trusty map, we all headed off over to Ashburton, to purchase a replacement.
New bits bought, we then wound our way back over Dartmoor, enjoying the scenery,

we stopped off for a quick ice cream, a lovely treat from Mike, and then took advantage of a little walk that some children told us about, when we saw them returning with rubber rings and swim gear.
It was lovely little trek, and we had the chance to watch the kids rock jumping into a deep pool of water.... very exciting.

It was then back on the road once more, and off the Postbridge, to see the old Clapper Bridge that Sally-Ann and Mike suggested visiting
finally, once the other visitors had moved off, we got our picture of me and Fred posing on the 'Clapper'
Once we were all walked out we headed back to the site for the evening to relax and eat after our tiring day

The next morning was a little overcast, but this did not stop us. After a relaxed breakfast time, we all headed off into Tavistock for a mooch around the shops, and more importantly, the purchase of a new bra for me! OK, I know, there is always something daft with me! Well at the time the break cable pinged on the varacan, my strap pinged off on my bra, and was then not much use as it left me somewhat lob sided, Ha Ha!

deed done, 2 for a tenner in a wonderful el-cheapo store (New Look to those who know it), we then headed off around the pannier market, which was heaving with people, and very atmospheric.

Back we went to the site once more, for a final supper there

the two boys, now totally chilled with all of the moving around, just looked on in wonder

but we still managed to get a breakfast al-fresco, the next morning before driving onto the next site.
Very enjoyable, but a little rushed so far..... next stop Slapton Sands, and we get 4 nights there, so will attempt to put up the awning for the first time.
Until then, Happy Blogging xx

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  1. Great post Jo, I also read Sally-Ann's.

    Trust you to have your bra go ping and be left lop-sided!!!! Pleased you got a bargain in New Look - we have one around here so yes I do know the store.

    Just gonna check out your next post. Happy caravanning.