Sunday, 27 June 2010

Capri Sun

We have had a very lazy morning. Dylan has had his nap in his stroller in the garden, with Fred laid on the floor asleep underneath him, keeping guard, and now it's time to decide what to do with the rest of the day.

As Paul (that's Kelly's Paul, confusing I know with two of them!) has a Capri and is in the owners club, we decided to head over the Newquay to the Duchy Capri Club meet.

Dylan got very excited, as he is used to attending these events with his daddy, and watched on in awe as both Paul's inspected all the cars on show.

There was a live band playing on a large stage, there were bouncy castle and ball pits, which would be visited later on, but in the meantime, Dylan decided to grace us with some more of his fantastic dancing, which I managed to catch on video for you all to see.... just click on the large arrow in the centre of the video image to start it playing

following this little display from Dylan, we carried on around the show

finally ending up at the bouncy castle and ball pit, where my camera battery died - sorry! I did manage to get this last shot of my little godson being cheeky once more - Bless Him!

Having mooched for a couple of hours, it was suddenly time for Kelly, Paul and Dylan to leave and head back up the A30 towards Walsall :-(
It has been a lovely weekend, and we were very sad to see them all head off home.... I wonder how soon we can tempt them down here again, mmmmm?

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  1. Hi Jo

    Another lovely post.

    I think perhaps Dylan was taught to dance by his daddy!!! Think mummy should get involved in future, teach him some good moves. The video was so funny, he looks like a robot.

    I love the pics of the cars. When I first learned to drive in the 70s I wanted a Capri, a 70s style one of course, but I do think the really old ones look great. I never got one, 70s or old style - boo hoo!!!

    My first car was a Hillman Imp, cost me something like £340.

    It's always sad when friends or family leave after visiting as it will be such a long time before you see them again.