Saturday, 19 June 2010

Man From Atlantis?

The time had come, and there was no getting out of it for Paul...... he was going to have to wear his wetsuit for the fist time, and get into the sea!
18 years ago today, we we very young, married for 1 day, and in a posh hotel in Ischia, in the Bay of Naples..... little did we know then, that 18 years later, we would be living in Cornwall, and addicted to body boarding and all things beachy!
Bless him, he waited for me to walk down to the water with him, and I turned around to give him some pointers that I had learned about catching waves last year, and he was already gone.... riding a wave straight into shore!

We enjoyed a good while in the water, and luckily Sally-Ann popped down to show Paul some support and get some official pictures for us. Unfortunately, the waves were a bit rubbish, as the tide was on the out, so we had to pose for the pictures on the shoreline, but that didn't stop our fun.

There were an enormous amount of jellyfish in the water, and our wetsuits protected us from them, but the longer we were out the more we spotted, and so, we took the decision to head back to the beach tent and veg out in the sunshine for a while, before heading off home.

I think he did fantastically well for his first go, and although he was disappointed that there were long waits between waves, he knows what to do now, so is looking forward to the next time.

He may be posing here for the camera, but he can class himself as a real surfer dude now LOL


  1. looks like a great adventure for you guys! hoorah for 18 years of marriage too!

  2. Well done on the 18 yrs. most don't make 18 days now!

  3. Happy Anniversary, looks like you have some competition there Jo.

    Well done Paul.