Thursday, 3 June 2010

An Enlightening Experience

We had all decided that we would like to climb the lighthouse at Start Point today, and so, we all piled into the trusty scenic, and followed the map to the car park at the top of the point.
Having paid our parking charge to the chap in the hut, we started on our long trek down towards the point, about a mile judging by the sign showing half a mile when we got half way down!

Our excitement mounted - the images we could take from the top of the lighthouse should be fantastic, even if I would have to do Sally-Ann's for her, as she did not fancy the climb to the top

.... the unfortunate part was, once we got the the lighthouse, the closest we got was this! The woman who lived there had decided to close for the day and forgotten to tell the car park attendant!

Never mind! We all trooped back up the hillside for the mile back to the car, and decided to continue into Kingsbridge, where we could have a mooch and eat our picnic.

The view from the parking spot and it's back wall where we ate our food was awesome, even if we did have to reverse into the spot (sorry Paul, I had to get that one in!)

After a troll up the high street, and a mooch through the open air market, we headed to Morrison's for a quick shop for some essential bread and milk etc, then it was back to the camp site for a relax and sit in the sunshine.


  1. sound like a refreshing time! Beautiful pictures!

  2. What a shame you couldn't go up the lighthouse after you hiked all that way.