Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Morning on St Michael's Mount

We are back on schedule with the planned day's outing for today, as Hamish was feeling much better, and so, after checking with the Mount's offices to ensure that it was open and not cut off with bad weather, the four of us headed off down to Marazion for our day on the Mount.

We parked up in our usual spot, and started to walk over towards the causeway.
I had already been online and got the tide times at the start of the week, so we knew that it was low tide and we could therefore walk over.
Following a steep climb up the Pilgrims Steps, we reached the battlements, where I could not resist showing my cheeky side, and Sally-Ann and Mike showing me how it should be done.

Despite the rain during the night, the day was panning out to be a fantastic one. Lovely and warm, with blue skies.

From here, we could see the causeway that we had just crossed, already disappearing under the rising tide.

Looking down from the top of the castle, the gardens looked a long way down...

and the causeway even deeper under water...

The rooms were all beautifully kept and laid out. I tried out being lady of all I surveyed, but some of the others in the room just laughed - The cheek of them!

From inside and on top, we then went down, down, down, to the gardens. The height of the mount is truly awesome from below.

Once we had explored, all that we could, we treated ourselves to coffee's and pasty's for lunch, before going to find the ferry. As you can see from below, there was no longer any sight of the causeway, and the ferryman confidently advised me that is now sat 8-10 feet below us in the boat!

A truly magical place, and we shall most certainly return.


  1. I love it at St Michael's Mount! It's so pretty, although I haven't actually been inside but I think I need to now! Love all of your photos :) xx

  2. Just read all three latest posts and only have time to make a quick comment as I have jobs to do before going on my holidays tomorrow.

    Lovely posts again Jo. I remember going to St. Michael's Mount some years back with my parents, we had to go by boat both ways. Lovely place. My sister visited the French version with her school years ago.

    Signing off now for a while but I'll be back.

  3. Hi,

    It's been a while since we went to St Michael's Mount but there was a hotel with a roof garden which overlooked the causeway - we spent many a happy hour with a pint watching the sea come up over the causeway and all the poor people who were walking across it having to run to save getting their feet wet!! Happy days


  4. I've never been inside, it's always shut when I go, thanks for the lovely photos