Saturday, 31 July 2010

To Body or to Boogie, That is the Question!

OK! So the reason for my post title?
My newly found state-side cousin had no idea was body boarding was, but when it did become apparent it transpired that they know it as Boogie boarding over there.
Now I do have to admit that up until a few years ago I also knew it as this, and then something changed and all of the shops etc now sell the boards as Body boards and not Boogie boards.
I now have a choice.... continue to call it body boarding, as you lie, down on it using your body and board to skim the top of the waves like surfers do, or I could call it Boogie boarding as your board boogies and dances on the of the waves as it brings you to shore.......
in all honesty, I have no idea! All I know is, it's sooooo much fun!

today was no exception, and although just about every post I do on me and my pals in our wetsuits looks the same, I can't help sharing the fun!

Sally-Ann didn't come in the water today, as she was almost ready for the drive up to Luton with Mike and the boys, and didn't was to slow the proceedings by having to shower and remove half the beach from the house prior to hitting the road. She did however act as chief photographer.

Paul asked for a new wetsuit picture to be taken of him, and then it was a group picture time again.

as we headed on back off the beach we were able to watch the goings on of the Portreath Surf Life Saving Club as they practiced

Once we had nipped home and showered and had supper, we headed back to Portreath to meet up with Pam, Mikes Mum, as she was entered in the Portreath Art Club Exhibition, and her work, along with the others in the club, are being shown all week in Millennium Hall, and are for sale.
Tonight was the preview showing for friends and family, and we were privileged to be asked by Pam to join her.

We met her at 18.30pm, and after a good hour and a half or so of mooching each picture, and chatting with the members, we headed off home to relax for the evening.
Another fun packed day for us, and now it's time for a little relaxation!


  1. Just combine the two and call it Boody boarding. Start a trend.
    Looks like fun. It is very popular here in British Columbia but I am not sure what we call it.

  2. What ever you decided to call it,it does look fun,how I wish I was younger and fitter,I would love a go at this.
    I hope Pam sold her picture,she is such an amazing lady.

  3. Hee, hee its fun, however you refer to it. You look cute with your board. Great pics :)