Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another Very Busy Holiday Day

Having spent a morning at Trago, Liskeard with Sally-Ann and Mike, and once we had eaten a very scrummy lunch of baked spuds with prawns, we headed on over to Charlestown.
Now to say that the day was wet, is an understatement. The cloud base had come down so low that you could not see a car in front of you, and Sally-Ann suggested not continuing, as Charlestown is an historical village where tall ships are homed, and we would be better going on a nice day.
I am very stubborn though, and was determined not to waste a single day of our holidays, and told everyone that when we arrive in Charlestown the cloud would lift, the rain would stop and we would have a good visit. They laughed!
Well, the joke was on all of them, 'cause as we got out of the car in the car park, the rain eased, and stopped, and we were able to wander around the harbour and take some pictures of the tall ship Kaskelot

once we'd taken these piccies, we then went over the the Charlestown Shipwreck and Heritage Centre

we first got a chance to climb aboard a life boat

however at this point, Sally-Ann found something better to climb on!

we walked through the tunnels that were used to transport clay onto the tall ships, and were able to take pictures from another angle

we then toured the heritage part of the museum, which took us through some very comprehensive exhibits, some of which included some very strange faced dolls....

but never-the-less a very interesting look at life in the village all those years ago.

There was a very clever dive section that details the advances in dive suits and equipment

and then many exhibits about famous wrecks and items recovered from them. There was a wonderful Titanic section

By the time we left the Heritage Centre, the heavens had opened up again, despite my declarations to everyone that the sun was scorching my neck and that was the only reason my hood had gone up on my jacket!

We finished the day off by stopping for a cream tea.

What a busy day!

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  1. You always look like you have so much fun - I want to come too ;-)