Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 1 - Barley Meadow and Castle Drogo

We were so excited about our holiday on Dartmoor this week. Although we went there back in May time, this is actually a different area, opening up a whole new range of places and things to do for us.
The inspiration for this holiday is totally down to Alison and Paul, as they had been up to Fingle Bridge a few weeks ago, and when I saw the pictures fell in love, and wanted to visit myself.

We were booked into Barley Meadow, which is not far from Crockernwell, and were expected at 12.00 noon.
We were the first guests of the day to arrive, and so were given the pick of the pitches, so to speak, and I chose this lovely secluded spot, which seemed on a fairly level area.

The van got parked and levelled off pretty quickly, and soon the awning was up. This left us the whole of the afternoon ahead of us.
Not wanting to waste a moment, we headed off to Castle Drogo. This place had always been a bit of a mystery to me, as you can see the signs for it from the A30 every time you drive up country, and I expected to find a ruin, not a family home and beautiful grounds
The weather was hugely hot and humid, so I'm afraid the heat haze spoiled the pictures from some angles

I also felt somewhat under dressed, wandering around the castle, in my shorts and sleeveless top!

There were staff in each room ready to offer information about the room and castle

It was then off the the grounds and gardens

Very pretty

before leaving, we took advantage of their wonderful coffee shop, and then headed on back to the varacan for our supper of Chilli Con Carne, that I was yet to create!

A lovely first day on Dartmoor.

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