Sunday, 18 July 2010

My First Crop

I've got FOUR peas ready to pick, and if I leave them long enough for the others to catch up, they will have gone past their best, and so I made the decision. Pick the peas!

I decided that as there were only a small amount in the pods (18 peas in total! That's 9 each LOL) I would add them raw to some lemon and corriander couscous, and serve it with some lamb steaks.

In they came and it took seconds to pod them

but the end result was lovely - Can't wait to be able to harvest the carrots and onions!


  1. lovely crop indeed! I bet they were delicious in your cous cous!

  2. Well done you. It doesn't matter that you only had a few, you grew them and isn't it so fulfilling when you can pick and use what you have grown yourself?

    I'm trying peppers this year, the instructions said pinch out the tops when they got to 6 or 8 inches high to make them bush out, however I didn't and they have bushed out at over that height, plus they have flowers which are creating the peppers so I'm glad I didn't pinch out the tops.

    My cucumbers are way behind this year as I lost the first couple to the hot sun. We have some tomatoes waiting to ripen and I have eaten our first crop of strawberries, now waiting for the next batch from the news ones I planted.

    Best of luck with the rest of your crop.