Saturday, 10 July 2010

Do Crafts Demonstration Day

I was really looking forward to this day - I had received my email from Do-Crafts to advise me of the craft event at The Range in Truro, and had advised my husband that I would really like to attend it, so would he mind fending for himself that day.... (I think he was relieved to be rid of me for a few hours!)
The event was running throughout the day, in-store, and began at 10.00am, running on until 16.00pm.
If I was able to watch a few demo's I would be a happy girl.
I arrived just after 10.00am and found a seat around the table with some other eager crafters, and was immediately enthralled by Tracey and her enthusiasm for her products.
Tracey was very kind and allowed me to take pictures of a couple of the cards she made whilst I was there. The above card was made using an 8x8 card folded across the diagonal, and then having a 6x6 page placed over it with the images added - so effective.
This one was using the Born To Shop range and hot foil for the edging strip - very clever.
She then went on to show us a very clever little card using circular cutters and adding dangling bits in apertures. She had already blogged how to do it, so I knew that I had something to refer to when I got home. They were lovely and I wanted to try doing them.
Tracey broke for lunch at about 13.15pm, and I decided that, as much as I wanted to stay, I needed to get back home and start getting the holiday bags ready...... or perhaps craft a bit more...
I got home and had some lunch with my man, and then we headed in to Falmouth for some retail therapy, searching out some more craft equipment.
On my return, the living room was transformed into a war zone (spot the laptop with the instructions just on the edge of the picture!) and I became a little crafty minx, making the swing cards that Tracey had shown us earlier in the day

The result? Not bad if I do say so my self

I have now made four of these and have evolved them each time.

I had a lovely day, and learned so much from the lovely Tracey.
a great first day of my two weeks holidays!


  1. I think the swinging card is lovely and unusual,the invincible woman card is funny,would have bought these if they had been for sale.Glad you enjoyed your artistic day and all the cards you make are gorgeous.

  2. Well done Jo. The swing cards you have made are lovely. Glad you had a great time at the craft demo. Will have to take a look at the instructions she blogged.

    Moi, I have made a few more cards lately, soon to be blogged and have played with my wishblade a bit more. I have managed to do print and cut but it is still coming out slightly misaligned as it is not reading the registration marks, but I'll get it to work, do or die!!!!

    Have a good holiday you lucky girl, I'll be on holiday shortly too.