Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Sweetness of Pandoras Box....

OK, so the title is a bit of a mash up, as Graham Norton would say, but, today is Jannah-Beths sweet 16....
We arrived at 09.30am wither her card and money (we had been instructed she wanted a spend up with her friends in Truro!) and spent some time with everyone as she opened cards and presents.
Considering Dee had only had her biopsy and lymph node removal a few days before, she looked happy and healthy, and finally the anti cancer drugs are coming out of Mels system and he is looking better than he has in a long time, so a good day all round for them I think.
Jannah and her friends got ready to go off to Truro, and we offered to drop them in to save travelling time on the bus for them.
Off they went to spend happily in the unsuspecting shops, before going to the cinema to see the film preview showing of Eclipse (lucky so and so's!)
We then headed off for a mooch around ourselves, before deciding to go and get some lunch somewhere nice.
We had been told about the Heron Inn at Malpas, so though we might try it out, however having had a terrible drive up the tiny narrow road, we could then not park, and gave up! That's where the Pandora Inn comes into the picture...
We arrived to a full car park, but someone was just leaving and offered us his spot - Good start!
although it was quite cloudy, it was terribly humid, and a spot outside would have been wonderful - the place was very busy though, so we found a spot inside the walls of this beautiful 13th Century building, and ordered our lunch.

we had always been under the impression that this lovely old Inn was very expensive to eat at, however the two drinks and meals came to just under £18, and this came out of our entertainment kitty (a little red purse that we allow a small amount of funds into each fortnight, and once it's gone it's gone!)

We have to say that this was a very wise spend, and was well worth depleting our funds for. The meal was wonderful and the surroundings amazing.

If you get a chance to come to our wonderful county, please take the time to find Pandora Inn - you won't be disappointed I don't think.

We left here at about 3.30 and decided that as we were only about 4 miles from Falmouth, we would head in and have a coffee in event square, overlooking the expensive speedboats and cruisers

once our coffee's were drunk, we headed back home to our poor little pooch, it's now 4pm and we had left the house at 09.15!

He is such a good boy, he wagged his tail and went straight into the garden for a roll on the grass.
A very adhoc day, that was totally unplanned, but having said that, these kind of days are our speciality LOL!

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  1. The Pandora Inn looks amazing.

    Another good day had by all it would seem.

    What a good idea your little kitty is.