Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 3 - Fingle Bridge

Today it was Fingle Bridge day - the place that is the reason for our trip.

I had already been online and found the website about the Inn, and found that it had a webcam in operation, and so, as we arrived, we called Sally-Ann and Mike to advise them we were in situe and ready to wave at them! Daft I know, but that's us all over. After a few tweaks to our position they could see us well and we waved away happily, much to the dismay of the others on the bridge and in the pub gardens!

Before stopping for food, we headed off in the general direction of what looked like a circular walk through the woods and along the River Teign

unfortunately after about a mile and a half we realised that the circular walk wasn't circular, and so headed on back the way we had come, and found a seat outside to have lunch.

Despite the heavens opening on us, we ate under the brolly in the pub garden, and then went for another walk in the opposite direction, on the hunt for the old water mill ruins.

It is a beautiful place, and we only wish the rain had not come along to dampen the proceedings.


  1. We were waving to you which is even more stupid as there's no way you could see us!!