Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wheels Of Wadebridge Car Show

We last saw our MX-5 mates back in May when we attended Sharon and Mikes Ruby Wedding Anniversary, so we were really looking forward to attending this car show.
I had checked the weather forecast for Wadebridge, and it did not look at all good for the day.
We headed up to the A30, and by the time we had fallen into convoy with Sally-Ann and Mike, and got a couple of miles up the road, the heaven's had opened.
Six or seven couples met up at the sports centre in Wadebridge so that we could enter the Showground together and make our way to the exhibitors spot set aside for our club, and a couple more cars joined us a short while later.
The MX-5 Cornwall flag got put up, but unfortunately it was so windy, we did not dare to erect the exhibition tent, for fear it would fly away!

Paul put the kettle on, and we settled down for a long and wet day

between showers we managed to get down to each stand and check out what was on offer, also managing to look at the steam engines and sales stands

Suddenly the clouds parted, the rain stopped and it got warmer. Although the wind kept up enough for us to want to use a brolly as a breaker, we were all able to get out our chairs and eat our picnics!
The place got very busy

and after more mooching around to see what was on offer, we returned to enjoy the company of our friends

It was soon time to head back home, and the sun shone down on us as we headed back down the A30, and homeward bound once more.


  1. I'm pleased the weather brightened up for you.

    I can't believe the Ruby Wedding Anniversary was back in May - the time has flown, here we are now at 20 July!!!!! Where does the time go?