Monday, 22 February 2010

Birthday Boy

Today, finally, after a few pre celebration days, it is Paul's birthday...... we spent much time trying to decide what to do to make the day special for him. What I did not want, was to make his day miserable, with me being cranky, like I usually am on his birthday, because of it being the same day, and therefore the anniversary, of the day that I lost my Dad

One of my lovely followers suggested coming up to Looe and Polperro for the day. Little did she know that this was Paul's old stomping ground as a teenager. His favourite weekend break from Birmingham with his friends. And so in that moment, as I read out the comment from her, the decision was made by Paul. Thanks for the suggestion chick x

We collected Sally~Ann and Mike and drove up the A30 to Polperro, parked up and headed on down into the village, where Paul wanted to see one of his favourite pubs, the Naughts and Crosses. Unfortunately, it was all closed up and is on the market. A great disappointment to him.

All of the lovely shops were closed, and the village itself was quite deserted, but we took the opportunity to take a few pictures on the harbour....

and watching the fishermen re pack their nets, before their next outing, then it was back to the car, via the Crumplehorn Mill. Another photo opportunity methinks....

When we left Polperro, we headed on over to Looe, where we grabbed the obligatory Fish and Chip Supper in a local chippy - I think Paul was in heaven at this point LOL

I mean, look at what he had in front of him!

We continued our stroll around the harbour

only for me to be met with this lovely boat, with a very significant name, considering the date

and all this time, I was just happy to ensure that Paul had a great day - seeing this boat name just made me feel that my Dad was watching over our fun.

We continued around the harbour and then over the bridge to the other side of the water, where we went to see Nelson's special dedication

Nelson was a one eyed seal that frequented Looe for many years, and upon his demise the locals decided to honour his love of this particular place

The large statue is beautifully placed on the rocks, with 'Nelson' looking out across the water, right by these lovely arches

When we were worn out, we headed on back to the car in readiness to drive home, but hang on! Trago is en-route - we must have a mooch around there LOL

We had been parked for a few minutes and were just heading inside the store, when Sally~Ann spotted this fat little Robin. Another sign from my Dad, as he was renowned for a certain little song and dance depicting a Robin, that always got acted out at family gatherings and parties!

Thanks for spending the day with us Dad, we know that you were watching over us and giving the day your seal of approval.

It had been a very full day for the 4 of us, and we finally headed back home to our patient little doggies, and I think we certainly were allowed to collapse and rest after all of the walking we had done.

A lovely day out with friends - thanks for coming along guys xx


  1. Thanks for asking us. We had a great day and hope that Paul enjoyed his birthday because we certainly did!! xx

  2. I read about your day out over at Sally-Ann's too.

    Pleased you had such a brilliant day and there were signs that your Dad was with you too.

    My mam died the day after my niece's christening and the day before my husband's birthday, it's not good when that happens as it's a sad and happy time all at once.

    We still make it through the day in the end though.

    Best wishes to you both.

  3. Many happy birthday wishes to Paul and maybe you should buy the place and open it up. Just think of the blog stories you would have then.

  4. thinking of you, thinking of your dad xxx