Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lori's Anniversary Giveaway

I was doing this mornings catch up on the latest blogs posts that have appeared since last night. and spotted Lori's great offer to one of her followers.

She is offering $75 worth of vouchers towards having your blog made into a book! Now this is not a new idea to me, I have looked into this before, and I have also tried to print it myself, (not very successfully) and place it into a ring binder..... no, not really the same result as blog2print are offering.

Stop by Lori's blog and take a look, she is a funny, creative and interesting person, that I am pleased to call my bloggy friend - we may live an ocean apart, and we have never met, but her support and friendship through our blogs is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for sharing this with us Lori x

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