Saturday, 20 February 2010

Happiness, Happiness....

I've had another award, YAY!
Mama Syder has awarded this to me - thank you so much x

Now, as I have received this one before, and I have already hit a load of you with an award this week, I have decided not to pass it on individually.

What I would like to ask, is that any of you lovely readers who want to add it to their blog, please do so and link it back to me here...... that way you hopefully won't all get grumpy with me for passing it on, as it will be your decision to accept it or not, LOL

Enjoy your evening everyone, I can here a little glass of gin and lemonade calling my name! Well it is Paul's birthday on Monday LOL!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Jo - I'm happy to pick this up from you - or am I just being greedy as you've just given me the sunshine award.

    Normally I'm not happy to be given awards when they have certain terms attached to them but if I just have to add them to my sidebar then that's fine by me.

    Thanks again sweet friend.

    Have a great long week-end.