Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day 2 of Pauls Pre Birthday Celebrations

Sunday carvery out with friends was the order of the day today.... We arrived at our usual lovely carvery - The Inn For All Seasons, and loaded up our plates - I even managed to get 2 yorkshire puddings, just because I was cheeky to the chef LOL

Having stuffed ourselves senseless, we all chatted a while, and then decided we just had to have a pudding - it was Paul's birthday tomorrow after all LOL
I had Rock 'n' Roll Chocolate Cheesecake, and Paul had Trifle

.... just look at that cheeky grin - I think he enjoyed it!

The next question is, what to do tomorrow? Eden, Goonhilly, Blue Reef? who knows....


  1. Come over to S.E cornwall!!! Looe - fish and chips or pub lunch and go for a romp round Polperro and walk over the cliffs - or head north out of Liskeard and head for Minions and go to the Cheesewring - what a wind swept walk that would be and beat the tourists before the weather improves and then don't tell anyone about the nice places in Cornwall or more people will spoil it by going there.

  2. Sounds like a great plan - we may just do that, thanks for the idea