Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another Trip Out

Another lovely morning with Sally~Ann.
Off we trotted to Falmouth, where we planned a little mooch around Trago - a veritable smorgasbord of shelves full of everything you might need for any project, be it craft, DIY, camping, carpeting, make-up, toiletries, cooking utensils ..... you get the idea!
My first port of call was the craft section - It goes without saying, I found some bits and so did Sally~Ann - the naughty girlie bought me a lovely butterfly punch, which no doubt will be used very rapidly, in conjunction with my new cuttlebug.
We then went on a little stroll up the high street, to have a look for a birthday present for Paul. Success! - but I won't tell you what I got, because he will read this and it will spoil the surprise! - Sorry Paul xx
From Falmouth main, we headed on out to the industrial estate where the big Asda was located. Here it was just a stroll around the clothing section. As it is the only Asda in the vicinity, we tend to do a trip in to have a look around whenever we do Falmouth, just in case there is a bargain to be had.
Unfortunately this time we came away empty handed.
As we arrived back, Mike arrived to collect Sally~Ann and take her home.
I think we shall both be having a siesta today - lots of walking, lots of shopping, but fun!


  1. Sounds like you are convalescing very well. Good.

  2. Good to hear you are starting to get out and about again.

    Friends of ours have a caravan and often spend time down your way and mentioned Trago Mills, I've never visited one myself as we don't have them around here but they sound pretty good.

  3. Hope everything is OK and you are recovering xx

  4. Me again.

    I've just been checking out your older posts and I am amazed that I seem to have missed a great stack of them going way way back to the one you did about the Christmas dinner and dance you organised.

    Was this because of the problem with your blog or was I rather remiss in not checking in I wonder?

    Anyway, when I have a bit more time I will check in again and read more of what I have missed out on.

    Meanwhile, info on whether your updates are appearing on my page:

    When I view my Dashboard, I have updates on people's blogs I follow down my side bar, but the last one for you is under Cornish Beach Brummie mentioning the problem with your blog.

    However when I actually View my blog, I get updates at the bottom and can click on Surf Chick 100 then it pulls up all your post titles and little snippet of what it is about. That's how I discovered I'd missed out on a lot of your posts.

    Very odd, think I'll have to keep checking that way instead of being lazy.