Monday, 15 February 2010

Sooooo Tired

It has been a very big day for me today.

After 5 weeks of sick leave and recuperation following the dreaded double operation, I went back to work today.

To say that I was anxious about returning was an understatement. It has been such a long haul to get well enough to be able to drive and return, that I was not sure what to expect when I finally stepped foot back into my office again.

I need not have worried. As I pulled the car past the security gates, and began to drive around the building to find a parking spot, I was accosted by one of the men - he stood right in the path of the car and then came on around to the window for a chat and to see for himself that I was OK. He is such a lovely man, and had been sending his regards with each visitor. A good start to what I was expecting to be a terrible day.

I was not able to get a space too close to the works entrance, but I took a very slow walk up to the doors and again was stopped and welcomed back, even before I could clock in!

I got hugs from my personnel manager and office manager, and as a constant steam of people made their way in to the office for various reasons, on seeing me back in my seat, they welcomed me back and said how nice it was to see me.

Yes, of course I clock watched, and yes I was tired and, not particularly comfortable, but, I worked my shift, and was pleased to be back with my friends again.

1 down and 4 to go LOL!


  1. You'll soon feel like you've never been away.

  2. Glad you're on the road to recovery and that the return to work was better than you thought, beware though! we're all keeping an eye on you and hope you don't over do it!

  3. Well Done Jo. Just make sure you take it easy!

  4. It usually only takes me an hour to get the never been away feeling x

    Thers an award for you at my blog btw