Saturday, 20 February 2010

Birthday Weekend for Paul

It's Paul's birthday on Monday and so we have booked ourselves some holiday so as to have a long weekend off together.

This means that for the next few days the world is our lobster, as they say! So what does he want to do?

After a lazy morning we headed off out for Kingsley Village and also to find the South West Clothing outlet that we kept hearing the adverts for on the radio.

We found the clothing outlet first - it is certainly a hidden gem, and is full of named brand stock at rock bottom prices - I think I'll be going back soon, with a friend LOL - what do you reckon Sally~Ann!

Then it was on to Kingsley Village. Paul did really well spending his birthday money from his Mom, along with the Christmas money he still had not got around to spending.

Having let the moths out of his wallet for a bit of fresh air, we decided a cup of coffee was in order....

and then on the way out of the food halls, we saw the hot pork baguettes calling our name, along with some tempura onion rings!

yes that really is a look of sheer pleasure, upon taking his first bite of baguette LOL

It was then onward back down the line to Hayle and Penzance, where we managed to find a lovely little craft shop, allowing me to buy a couple of essential bits for a card that I have been commissioned to make for a friend.

The weather has been totally glorious today, and the drive home took us back along the coast road, where I snapped a few shots on my phone...

Here is St Michaels Mount from the back window of the car....

The coast road between Godrevy and Portreath allowed me this lovely shot

and then we drove through beautiful Portreath, that was in the sunshine I promise, but we were driving through the shadow of the hillside LOL

It's been a great day, despite the rest of Britain being under snow. Lets hope the weather holds off and we have another great day tomorrow.


  1. Been a lovely sunny day here today (Saturday)and wasn't too bad yesterday either.

    I have fond memories of holidaying in your area many years ago with my parents and we visited St Michael's Mount, Penzance, etc etc. It's such a beautiful area, you are so lucky to be living there.

  2. I love the Cornish food section in Kingsley village and the exotic food section, nice place to stop off after the conferences I attend in Camborne college for staff training, some bargains there too - oh and happy birthday Paul

  3. I feel the clothing warehouse is definitely calling us! I'm so pleased you searched it out today so we can go straight there and spend our money - just say when!

  4. Glad to hear that you both had a lovely day,the photo's show it and that baguette looks awesome ( as the younger generation ) would say.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy birthday to Paul.

  5. C'mon, please tell me where the clothing outlet is... I have heard the adverts but not the location.. lol xx