Monday, 22 February 2010

Daddy Bear....

Today is not a day I can forget easily.
10 years ago, at 10.30am, I received a telephone call telling me that you had been taken from me.
How could the universe be so cruel as to take my best friend and my Dad all in one go!
It was so fast and unexpected, and I know that this is exactly as you would have wanted it.
I miss you so much, and love you always.
We shall be out today celebrating Paul's birthday, so I know that you will be there with us, raising that little crystal glass of yours in a toast to him.
Love you loads Daddy Bear xxx


  1. Happy birthday to Paul...And my thoughts and tears are with you in remembering those we love so dear.x.

  2. Sounds like you have many good memories of your Dad.

  3. Big Hugs Jo...Thinking of you x

  4. Thinking of you Jo.

    It is so sad when we lose a loved one, especially when they are taking so quickly that we do not get the chance to say goodbye - I know exactly how you are feeling as I have lost both of my parents.

    I hope Paul had a good birthday and your meal was enjoyable.

    Love and hugs.


  5. Sorry about the anniversary, I try to do something positive to remember the good things on each of my parent's anniversary but especially the Jameson's distillery reserve is kept for Dad's birthday, anniversary reminders... though I never think he is that far away xx